AI-Powered Multi-Asset, Multi- Doman Operations Planning and Replanning Software

Case Study


Mission commanders face complex coordination issues in rapid response multi-asset missions, which requires extensive manpower and effort to solve and plan for.


Build AI-powered planning software to streamline mission planning and aid in decision making.

    • Develop AMORE, to work with mission requests and estimates of situations, to produce fully deconflicted plans and schedules with easy-to-understand justifications.
    • Implement a Course of Action (COA) Simulator and Analyzer to be used for COA selection, execution visualization and mission rehearsal. 
    • Develop AMORE to integrate with live reporting to respond to disruptions and changes, producing multiple replanning options in minutes.


    • AMORE was proven to save cost, manpower, and time to meet increased planning demands in multi-asset missions by utilizing AI planning and its COA simulator to automate and visualize mission planning for commanders. 
    • Mission replanning can be executed in minutes rather than hours through the integration of an automated response to situational changes or disruptions. 
    • AMORE greatly reduces manpower requirements for advanced mission planning, presenting commanders with detailed and justified mission plans on its own.