Goal Reasoning for Satellite Constellation Decision Making

Case Study


Insufficient personnel to control an increasing number of satellites while performing an increasing number of mission objectives in maritime recon scenarios.


Automation of Surveillance Assets.

    • Utilize Goal Reasoning (GR) techniques to automate imaging tasks effectively for satellites in a constellation (group of satellites), while managing dynamically changing collection goals and priorities.
    • Utilize an AI model to automate constellation Observation, Orientation, Decisions, and Actions. 
    • Demonstrate possible AI agent response to various simulated dynamic events including satellite availability/blackouts, weather conditions, changing mission objectives/priorities, and unexpected observations/behavior. 


    • GR proven it can be used to automate 100s of satellites and 1000s of image tasks in maritime reconnaissance scenarios through extensive testing.
    • GR can task a constellation of 50 satellites over an area the size of the South China Sea while managing hundreds of goals within seconds proven through simulation.
    • By automating satellites, constellation management now requires significantly less manpower.