Minefield Planning Evaluation and Gaming Suite

Case Study


Traditionally maritime sensor nodes are deployed haphazardly, with manual planning tools that are error prone and slow.


Develop a planning tool for sensor deployment using machine learning.

    • Develop Minefield Planning Evaluation and Gaming Suite (MPEGS) to continuously update performance models and tactical knowledge to better deploy sensors in dynamic environments such as the seabed.
    • Develop MPEGS to utilize machine learning to best determine where sensors should be deployed using ship information, global information, and sensor characteristics.


    • The Navy can use fewer sensors due to optimized deployment from MPEGS, decreasing the cost and time dedicated to deployment.
    • MPEGS allows the Navy to increase operator efficiency without an increase in manpower, due to a decrease in deployment strains from utilizing machine learning. 
    • MPEGS allows sensor fields to be deployed more effectively providing increased situational awareness on mission areas such as ship traffic and the seabed environment.