Case Study


The Navy’s Next-Generation Threat System requires the integration and evaluation of AI models to improve the capability of simulated AI “attackers” to better train pilots in simulation scenarios.


Build an AI Taskable Framework to integrate AI learning to continuously improve AI, in Navy training simulations.

  • Build an AI Taskable framework to:
    • Record: Log the performance of AI in simulations with appropriate critical indicators to enable effective AI reasoning.
    • Reason: Understand underlying AI reasoning in battle scenarios. 
    • Evaluate: Score the quality of the decisions made. 
  • Design the AI Taskable framework to have plug-and-play components that allow users to easily create scenarios.


  • NGTS scenarios better train pilots to learn how to beat a scenario rather than beating a behavior graph. 
  • AI "attackers" utilize the AI Taskable framework to make more complex and unpredictable decisions in simulated scenarios without the restraints of a preestablished behavior graph.
  • AI attackers are also more complex due to their ability to continuously learn from past simulations and continuously present a challenge for users.